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Corliss Stone-Littles, LLC (CSL, LLC), a Delaware limited liability company, was founded in March of 2005, operating from corporate offices located in Colleyville, Texas.  CSL, LLC is one of the most successful ACDBE airport concessionaires operating nationally in the US.  The predecessor to CSL, LLC, ARP was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1988 to work with the airlines and the City of Chicago in the development of the Chicago – O’Hare Development Program.  Today, CSL, LLC operates in fifteen of the largest and busiest airports in the United States.  Starting with a long history in the #1 (Hartfield-Jackson), #2 (Chicago O’Hare), and the #3 (Dallas/Fort Worth) busiest airports in the world, CSL, LLC boasts partnerships operating over 72 retail stores at airports around the country.  

Leading the CSL, LLC Team, Corliss Stone-Littles is a graduate of Harvard Law School (1982), who commenced her career with a focus on finance and development.  In 1985 she joined United Airlines as a Senior Properties Manager responsible for the development of United’s Award winning $650 Million Terminal One at Chicago – O’Hare International Airport, including a new concessions program.  For her leadership in that assignment, Ms. Stone-Littles received the coveted “United Airlines Special Service Award.”  Ms. Stone-Littles subsequently represented the Denver International Airport in the planning, implementation and operation of its Concessions Program.  Further, Ms. Stone-Littles represented the top 60 international air carriers in the development of the International Terminal at Chicago – O’Hare International Airport.  With over 30 years as an industry member, Ms. Stone-Littles has worked with international airlines, airports, FAA, AMAC and as a member of the ACI Diversity Subcommittee and other industry organizations to establish, educate and offer industry input that has resulted in the DOT Guidance and other rules.

Corliss Stone-LittlesCorliss Stone-Littles